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The Journal of an Air Force Girlfriend

Jessica & Robert Together Since: Jan. 3rd 2007

Jessica Ann
12 October 1983
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  • airforce_angel@livejournal.com
  • xVSxAngelx
  • i3eautifully.i3roken@gmail.com
♥ ->About The Girl
My name is Jessica and I am 24 and I live in Prescott Arizona. I am a Military Girlfriend to an wonderful Air Force Man named Robert whom is 25 and we met in Mesa Community College back in '03. We are in a Real Relationship finally so no more of this Long-Distance stuff. I am not a native to Arizona though.. But I've lived in Tempe Arizona after I moved there from California.
♥ ->I Adore
My Boyfriend Robert, Shopping, Victoria's Secret, Forever 21, BSB, 98*, Evanescence, Dirty Dancing Movies, Starbucks, X-treme Bean Coffee, California, The Pussycat Dolls, Kiwibox, Paint Shop Pro 8, Chocolate, Las Vegas, Olive Garden, General Hospital, American Idol, Dancing With The Stars, Peanuts Cartoons, Photography, Video Games, RPG Games, Smoothies, Victoria's Secret Angels, Pepsi, Myspace, The Palace, X-Men 3, POTC Movies, The LakeHouse, 80's Movies, 80's Songs, Traveling, Ashlee Simpson, Mariah Carey
♥ ->I Dislike
Annoying People, Ex Boyfriends, Dial-Up, Missing My Boyfriend, Jealous People, The,"I like Big Butts" song, Jessica Simpson, Dumb Commercials, B-Flicks, Scary Movies
♥ -> Kick Ass Chat Quotes
Laura (gomer21xx's ex-girlfriend): *watches Grumpy Bear beat the crap out of Bedtime Bear* He's a meeeeeeean drunk.- Said after I got the Care Bears Drunk in a chat..LoL.
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